Playing It Safe.


Choosing to have sex is a decision that only you can make when you feel you are ready. And once you make that decision, you need to think about how to have sex safely.

There are many ways you can enjoy safe sex, you can use contraception such as the pill, implant or injection.

These are great for preventing unplanned pregnancies. But if you want to prevent unplanned pregnancies AND keep yourself safe from getting a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), you can use condoms.

Practicing safe sex isn’t only about contraception. It’s just as important to know your status by getting tested regularly for HIV and STIs.

You can get tested on your own or you can go together with your partner if you’re both comfortable with this.

When you and your partner are open about your status it can create trust and you can also feel good knowing that you’re protecting your health and someone else’s.

The great thing about contraception is that it puts you in charge of your health and depending on where you live, you can do this for free.

Yep! Some clinics and hospitals give out condoms for free and you can also get the pill, implant or injection for free as well.

The pill, implant and injection are known as hormonal contraception. This type of contraception works by preventing ovulation, this means that your eggs will not be fertilized by sperm so the chances of you getting pregnant are low.

But this type of contraception doesn’t keep you safe from STIs. Only condoms can help prevent you from getting an STI and also unplanned pregnancies.

When it comes to choosing contraception, pick one that suits your needs and your lifestyle. If you’re unsure or confused you can always talk to a nurse, doctor or pharmacist for clarity.

Let’s recap:

  • the decision to start having sex should be made by you.
  • choosing to have sex safely can keep you healthy and reduce the chances of transmitting STIs, including HIV, and prevent unplanned pregnancy.
  • if you have any questions or concerns, you can talk to a nurse or doctor who will be able to advise on the best birth control option for your needs.