How To Use Condoms?


Using a condom is a quick and easy way for you and your partner to enjoy safe sex. Condoms can prevent unplanned pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), including HIV.

We have tips and tricks for how to use condoms safely and where to get them.

Where do I get condoms?

You can get free condoms at your nearest community clinic or hospital. It is your right to access these condoms and you shouldn’t be turned away when you ask for them. You can read about safe sex at the clinic and you can ask the nurse any questions about sexually transmitted infections or pregnancies.

You should note that even if you’re using a hormonal contraceptive, these contraceptives do not protect you from STIs. A condom is the best way to prevent STIs including HIV.

If you aren’t up to going to the clinic or want to choose between different brands of condoms, you can buy condoms at a pharmacy or at your nearest supermarket.

How do I safely apply a condom?

-Carefully tear the condom wrapper open in the corner making sure you don’t make a hole in the condom

-Don't bite the wrapper as you may bite a hole into the condom.

  • When putting it on, 'nip the tip' in one hand and check it rolls down a little before putting it on the penis. This will make sure you have it the right way up.

If you try to put it on the penis before checking and it's the wrong way up, it's best to get a new condom and try again (don't just turn it over). This is because the penis tip may have pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) which can still carry STIs, HIV, and semen.

Once clear it's the right way up, place it on the tip of the penis and roll it down the shaft of the penis to the base. It doesn't go over the scrotum (balls). Make sure that the condom is the right fit so that it doesn’t slip off.

Can I use a condom twice?

Condoms cannot be reused. After using the condom, you have to throw it away. If you’re worried about not having enough condoms, it’s always best to get a good amount in advance.

Expired condoms are more likely to tear and aren’t as effective, so always make sure your condoms haven’t expired. Be sure to throw away any expired condoms.

Using condoms is a great way to explore sex with your partner while reducing the chances of any unplanned pregnancies and STIs.