Self Care

What’s On Your Mind Girl?


Some conversations are trickier to have than others. Like what we want to study or do when we grow up, and when we feel ready for sex or to start dating. Whether it’s with your parent, teacher, partner or friends, being honest with how you feel about big decisions in your life is important.

Here are 5 tips for helping you to take on these conversations and make your voice heard.

Forget about being bossy

Don’t be afraid of coming across as “bossy”, because there’s no such thing. You’re just saying how you feel or what you want. Often, as girls, we can feel pressure to be nice, and soft, and not make a scene. Forget it – girls can make as much noise as boys, so never feel like you have to dull yourself to make others comfortable.

Your opinion matters

There’s no-one else in the world who is more ‘you’ than you! And that’s important. Be confident that your voice and opinion is valuable, in any situation. If you would rather focus on study than dating like all your friends, go for it! If you fancy classical music over pop, share your interest with your friends.

Cool off

When emotions like anger are running high, it can be hard to communicate clearly. If you’re having an argument with your parent or a teacher, coming to it with a calm attitude will help them see that you are approaching this in a mature manner.

Learn the power of NO

If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, whether it’s sneaking out, skipping class, going to the next stage with your boyfriend or you’re just too tired to go the mall after school – know that you are always allowed to say no. By saying ‘no’, you’ll also help empower other girls around you to feel that they can say no too!

Support other girls

If you hear a girl in class speak up about something important to her, but a boy or classmate shuts her down, try to say something supportive like, “I think what Sara said was really interesting,” or “I think Sara had a good idea”. Helping to raise the voice of other girls will help your own voice be heard when you need it most