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Chomi Chat: I Needed Emergency Contraception and This Is What I Found Out!


Hey sis, it’s me! Your chomi, Ayanda.

So nice to chat with you again today!

Sis, I’ve got a lot on my mind because, yhuu, things were tricky and tense for a hot minute there.

So, let me tell you something, me and my main squeeze had sex last week and the condom broke. I’m not on any other type of contraception so fam panic mode was activated. Yho! I am not ready to be a baby mama just yet!

I knew that I needed to act super fast, so the very next morning I put on my brave girl face and went straight to my nearby clinic.

The clinic was crowded as usual - the line was long and I was worried that the sisters would judge me for what happened. The other time I went with a friend to support her in getting the pill and that’s what happened to her - the nurses made her feel so guilty - but moghel is the girl she thinks she is and she didn’t give up. She was such a star! I’d also been to the clinic before to get tested for STIs, so I knew that even if you get a nurse who’s having a bad day, you always have a right to get the help you need.

Anyway long story short, I didn’t even need to be worried about that because when they let me in to see the nurse she was so nice fam. She even said she was proud of me for taking care of my sexual health! Yho, that made me feel really good.

She told me that there were two options available for me - the morning after pill, and getting the IUD put in. She told me that the morning after pill works up to 72 hours after having unprotected sex, but if I took it the right way it has a really high chance of stopping a pregnancy. She made sure I understood that the morning after pill wasn’t supposed to be used as my normal form of contraception, so we talked through some other contraception options too.

She told me that my second option for emergency contraception - the IUD - was effective at preventing pregnancy up to five days after having unprotected sex, and had the added bonus of being a long lasting form of contraception that could prevent pregnancy for between 5 and 10 years.

She made sure I understood that both the morning after pill and the IUD would stop a pregnancy, but they wouldn’t keep me safe from STIs. At first I was a bit shy to ask questions but she made me feel so at home, so we made an appointment for me to get tested for STIs too. I am all about getting tested regularly, so I was more than happy to do that!

I took a few minutes to think through my options, and decided that the morning after pill was the right choice for me.

She spilled the tea on what to expect after taking the morning after pill. She told me that once I took it I might have a few side effects like feeling nauseous or vomiting or feeling dizzy, getting a headache, having sensitive breasts or lower tummy pain and cramps. She also told me I might feel a bit tired after I took it. She also said that next time my period came the flow might be a bit heavier or a bit lighter than normal.

So I took the pill and luckily it didn’t make me feel too bad. I had a bit of a headache and did feel a bit like I wanted to vomit for a day but it all passed. Sis, it was so worth it. I think it’s so important for us to get to choose when we’re ready to get pregnant.

The best thing about this whole thing for me was that it sparked a convo with me and my boo about safe sex and we decided to make an appointment to go to the clinic and get tested for STIs together. It feels good to know that me and bae are taking care of our sexual health as a couple, talk about #CoupleGoals sis! LOL.

Anyway fam, that’s all I wanted to share with you today. Remember - if you have a contraception oopsie, or have unprotected sex, you can get emergency contraception at your local clinic for free. The sooner you go to the clinic after having unprotected sex, the better!

I feel like a boss bae for taking care of my sexual health!

Sending lots of love and good vibes your way, chomi!

Take care!